Arcadia have made of specialization a central tenet of its activities and ethos, which jointly with experience allow us to achieve the highest value of our client’s corporate strategy.
The partners of ARCADIA are advisors of the entrepreneurs in their sale processes, Joint Venture or acquisitions. We are not intermediaries or brokers or middlemen or lobbyists. – Our proposals and the execution of the mandates are always driven by the ethics and the convenience of our clients. – Our specialization in sync with our perseverance and obsession for the detail, gives us a competitive advantage in defense of our client’s interests.


We are front-office specialists. Although we know well the back office implications of the solutions we propose, we do like to innovate, avoiding to automatically look for already existing solutions.
Negotiation is something at which we excel, surpassing competitors. It is not just that we know the business of our clients, including its strengths and weaknesses, we claim to study in detail the negotiation’ environment of our client and of the counter-party (management, advisors, positioning, style, precedents, etc). We take advantage of our empathy in the benefit of the transaction.  
We persevere and thus we do not give up easily. We know to coordinate: for gaining efficiency in the process, avoiding the redundancy in the review processes so that we keep each advisor within its respective specialization scope.

Who we are

The Partners of Arcadia accumulate vast experience in the corporate advisory domain for entrepreneurs and corporations, in complex transactions, which involve changes in shareholding structures or financing structures. We have been pioneers in M&A, Financial Advisory and Corporate Strategy in the Spanish market. The Partners of Arcadia, are entrepreneurs and thus grasp properly the required risks to be potentially taken.
This dual profile of advisors and entrepreneurs makes the advisory work of Arcadia to be mainly pragmatic and realistic
Transacciones de Arcadia: más del 50% de operaciones crossborder.




Arcadia Corporate: Más de 20.000 millones de Euros en Transacciones




Arcadia Corporate: Más de 120 transacciones cerradas





We have a vast experience in shareholding transactions and financing restructuring, both from our work as advisors and from our own entrepreneurial experience.